Making Devices Responsive

Contemporary Embedded Systems are just too complex to be fast. We bring the simplicity back to make them more responsive. So you stop waiting for them.

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The Modern Embedded Ecosystem

Devices can be built more easily, more responsive, and they can be kept that way.

  • A Modular Operating System Specialized to the Application - Maximize the Efficiency of Your Device
  • Intuitive Tools - to Speed-Up Device Development
  • Cloud Services with 1st-Party Support - to Keep them Responsive
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Manage Your Devices Through the Cloud

Scaling to large numbers of devices is tricky, so we integrated fleet mangagement into our cloud services. Deploying an update onto all of your devices is only a single click away.

  • Fast Deployment of Devices Linked to your Fleet
  • Built-In Tasks Ready to Rollout with a Single Click
  • Over-the-Air Updates with Rollback
  • Telemetry for Monitoring Devices in the Field
  • AI Prompt and Many More Services to Come
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Why You Should Choose alpico

Engineers spend countless hours configuring the base system for their devices. With alpico, that time can instead be spent on developing the product that makes you stand out!

  • Drastically Reduce Development Time
  • Built-in Ecosystem Support - Fleet management, OTA updates, built-in task selector, and more
  • Easily Configurable - No Need for Long Documentation or Expensive Training
  • As Small as you Want it to Be - Do More with Reduced Requirements
  • Responsive - Customers Spend More Time Using and Less Time Waiting
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